Welcome to the Taylor Group!  We're a young research group located in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wyoming.  Our research program is dedicated towards the development of new chemical techniques that can be used to help improve human health.   We use the symbiotic relationship between chemistry and biology as inspiration for the development of new synthetic transformations.


April 2021:

  • Our perspective on our recent Trp labelling has just been published in Synlett as a Synpacts article!  Congratulations to Norberto! Here's the link:

Graphical Abstract.jpeg
  • Congratulations to undergraduate Caleb Hoopes for being named to A&S Outstanding Graduates list!

January 2021:

  • Welcome to 1st year Ph.D. student Norberto who (officially) joins the group!

December 2020:

  • The group has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant that will support us for 5 years!  Well done to everybody!

August 2020:

  • Welcome to undergraduate Greg who joins the group!

July 2020:

  • Our recent JACS communication on Tryptophan photobioconjugation has been highlighted in Synfacts!  Here's the link!

May 2020:

  • Welcome to incoming 1st year Ph.D. student Norberto who joins the group!

April 2020:

  • Congratulations to undergraduates Nicole and Tyler who were not only named to the Outstanding Graduates list, but were also awarded scholarships from the Hunton Endowment Fund!  Link:

  • Congratulations to Samantha for successfully defending her masters thesis.

February 2020:

  • Welcome to to the group's first post-doc and UW alumni, Dr. Sam Bartko, who joins the group!

January 2020:

  • Welcome to undergraduate student Anne Lloyd who joins the group!

December 2019:

  • Welcome to 1st year Ph.D. student Sarkar who joins the group!

August 2019:

  • The group enjoys a day out in the Snowy Range Mountains!

  • Samantha presents her research at the Fall 2019 ACS National Meeting!

July 2019:

  • Mike's research on the transannulation trans-cyclooctenols  has been published in JACS!

April 2019:

  • Congratulations to undergraduate Caleb Hoopes who's been awarded a NASA undergraduate research fellowship!

  • Congratulations to undergraduate Tyler Myers who's been awarded the Rebecca Raulins Prize for excellence in research!

February 2019:

  • Welcome to undergraduates Caleb and Nicole who join the group!

January 2019:

  • Welcome to 1st year Ph.D. student Rajib who joins the group!

October 2018:

  • Mike's research on methionine labelling has been published in Nature!

       See a highlight in C&E News​.

August 2018:

  • The Taylor Group enjoys a day out in Curt Gowdy State park:


June 2018:

  • Welcome to REU student Piotr and summer students Nicholas and Shelby who join the group!

May 2018:

  • Welcome to undergraduate Tyler who joins the group!

April 2018:

  • The Website is launched

January 2018:

  • Welcome to undergraduate Chris who joins the group for the spring semester!

December 2017:

  • Welcome to 1st year Ph.D. students Samantha and Wesley who join the group!

September 2017:

  • Welcome to undergraduate Eva who joins the group!