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Welcome to the Taylor Group!  We're a young organic chemistry & chemical biology research group located in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Arizona.  Our research program is dedicated towards the development of new chemical reactions that can be used to study biological processes on the sub-molecular level as well as to enable the design and synthesis of new therapeutics.  

Graduate Students:

We will be looking to recruit new Ph.D. students into our group next year.  If you have either experience or enthusiasm for organic synthesis, reaction methods development, and photochemistry then you could be a great fit for our group.  Also, if you have experience and enthusiasm for developing innovative new approaches for studying biology, you could also be a great fit for our group! 

To get an overview of our group, feel free to peruse this website, or to contact Dr. Taylor directly.

For more information on our graduate program, check out our webpage describing our graduate program.  

We are located in Tucson, AZ; a vibrant community located in the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona.  While the word "desert" may conjure images of endless sand dunes, the Sonoran desert is very much alive and full of biodiversity, ranging from the iconic saguaro cactus to the stately palm and olive trees that line the entrances to the UA main campus.  As one of the oldest continuously farmed areas in North America, Tucson has a rich history and culture, and also boasts status a UNESCO City of Gastronomy Moreover, the city is surrounded on all sides by mountains, offering ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and even skiing.          

We are housed on the fourth floor of the modern Chemical Sciences Building where we have a nicely designed laboratory that maximizes both comfort and safety.  Our lab is equipped with state-of-the art instrumentation and equipment that allows us to combine organic synthesis, photophysics, and chemical biology into one laboratory.  The University of Arizona is also home to state-of-the-art core facilities that are staffed by experts in the field and equipped with the latest instrumentation in NMR, mass spectrometry, and microscopy/imaging (as well as many others!).  More information on core facilities at UA can be found here.  


Recent News

June 2024:

  • Welcome to KEYS student Euzebie who joins us for the summer!

  • Our preprint on pyrdinium-ylide alkylation is out on ChemRxiv! Congratulations to Akash and Ben!  Here's the link.

Graphical Abstract.jpg

May 2024:

  • Congratulations to undergraduate Sam for admission into the PHIRE and UBRP programs!

  • Welcome to UBRP student Joshua who joins the group!

April 2024:

  • The group's ThermoFisher Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 is up and running!  Excited to put this quantum leap in our mass spec capabilities to work.

  • Our pre-print on harnessing non-covalent interactions to direct chemical protein acylation is now up on ChemRxiv!  Congrats to Nick, Hieu, and Joe!
    Here's the link.

March 2024:

  • Mike was selected for the ACS DOC Young Investigator Symposium, which is held annually at the Fall ACS meeting. 

  • Welcome to CBC 1st year Ph.D. student Mohammed who joins the group! 

  • Welcome to DDD 1st year Ph.D. student Prince who joins the group! 

January 2024:

  • Congratulations to Nick for successfully defending his Ph.D. Thesis!

  • Welcome to undergraduate Jamison White who joins the group!

  • The final version of the viral protein work with the Marty group is now published in Biochemistry.  Congratulations to all involved!

December 2023:

  • Welcome to undergraduate Sam Ellis who joins the group!

October 2023:

  • The final version of our work on cationic, aromatic sulfonate-esters as radical photocages has been published in JACS!  Congratulations to Nick!

    Here's the link.

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