Research Interests

By virtue of the notion that all life on earth is organic and is therefore controlled by the chemistry of organic molecules, the study of synthetic organic chemistry is fundamentally linked to an understanding of life.  Through this relationship, synthetic organic chemists play an integral role in the improvement of human health.  Moreover, our unique ability to design functional molecules for various purposes allows us to facilitate discoveries in other fields of science related to human health such as medicine, biology and materials science. Organic chemists enable discovery.

With this backdrop as inspiration, the Taylor group’s research program is underpinned by a focus towards basic research in organic chemistry at the interface with biology and medicine. Our goal is to use our expertise in reaction design to address fundamental challenges in this area, and then seek to apply our solutions in a translational sense through establishing productive collaborations.  Three distinct interests are: (1) new methods for the chemical modification of biomolecules (2) organic reaction design for in situ generation of therapeutic compounds, and (3) new organocatalytic strategies for the synthesis of high value chemicals.