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 Mass Spec Cove: Houses a ThermoFisher  LTQ-XL ion trap mass spectrometer paired with a ThermoFisher Vanquish Flex front end and a ThermoFisher Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer with a ThermoFisher Vanquish Neo front end (coming in summer 2024).  This LC-MS duo enables us to use MS for a wide variety of applications ranging from organic reaction monitoring to proteomics.


Cell culture room: two BSL-2 level biosafety cabinets as well as incubators and other kit for growing cells.


ISCO Combiflash 300: Runs columns for you.  Great for reverse phase flash chromatography.  One of the most popular instruments in the group for some reason.


UVP ChemStudio Plus.  Imaging system for analysing gels.


Horiba FluoroMax fluorometer with TCSPC and integrating sphere accoutrement.  For studying emissions, quantum yields, and excited state lifetimes.

A Schlenk Line.


Thermo Scientific U3000 semi-preparative HPLC. For large scale separations


Jasco V-760 Uv-Vis spectrophotometer.  

Breville automated soxhlet extractor: Combines variable particle size with pressurised steam to optimize the extraction process. 


Our LTQ-XL mass spec w/ Vanquish Flex HPLC front end.


Hepatochem Photoreactor.  We have several of these in the lab, as well as various other types of photochemical seteups.


"Rotovap Cove" housing Büchi R-300 Rotovaps.  Built for speed.

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